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Case Study: AutomationDirect – Recognition and Feedback Automation

University of Utah Case Study - eSkillz

As a non-traditional organization based in Atlanta GA, AutomationDirect has been continually recognized for their unique approach to building team culture. With an eye toward enhancing this servant leadership culture, AutomationDirect was looking to elevate their feedback process for their employees and managers. Currently employees could provide recognition to one another for a job well done but reporting and managing this program for the HR team was daunting. This peer recognition is tied to a financial award so reporting and ease of administration was paramount. And while employees could see their recognition, Managers had very little insight into this process for their direct reports and downstream reports.

The team also participated in a 360 process every five to six weeks. The employees providing feedback to one another changed during the year. And participating was an expectation of employment. While the organization had a proprietary software program that facilitated the 360 process, the automation and reporting side for HR was not optimized. A great deal of administrative time was taken up as the 360 process was queued up and reported on.


Build a Peer Recognition process and 360 process within CSOD with robust reporting and easy administration that met and exceeded current business requirements from AutomationDirectIn addition, the implementation team needed to ensure a better and more manageable and repeatable CDL 360 process could be accommodated with unique anonymity requirements. Both feedback features should provide communication via emails with all parties involved as well as robust reporting for compensation purposes.


Using badging and feedback as the Peer Recognition Program, create value-based badges and a custom UI on the Welcome Page and Feedback Page that encourages recognition among team members and provides visibility for Managers. Create a 360-feedback solution in the new CSOD Task Central that allows for repeatability, ease of use, communication, and robust reporting. In addition, the Task will also allow for visibility back to the Recognition and Feedback area during the 360 process or annual Performance Review for Managers and Indirect Managers. 

No. of Users



HQ: Atlanta, GA​ 

Non-traditional industrial controls (PLCs) company 

Modules: Learning and Recruiting 

Now Performance for Goals, Dev Planning, Performance reviews and 360 assessments. 

Client Challenge

Redesign a Peer Recognition process and the Customer Driven Leadership 360 proprietary Process in CSOD with Robust Reporting and a Simple UI

eSkillz was challenged with moving both the Peer Recognition Thank You process and the CDL 360 process into a more streamlined and efficient workflow that would not only delight the employees, but also provide managers and employees with an efficient intuitive workflow. The HR team would need robust reporting around all aspects of the features for management of the program but also Compensation purposes.

eSkillz Solution

The eSkillz team built out a new peer recognition and thank you feature in the Universal Profile feedback area using badges to represent key values held by the organization. This peer feedback and badges given could then be viewed by the Managers as well as accessed during the 360 and Performance Review process. For additional visibility, the eSkillz design team created custom pages which highlighted the badges offered and provided just in time quick guides built into the UI in several places. 

For the CDL 360 process, the eSkillz team leveraged the new Task Central to automate the 360 workflow. This gave the raters one simple task to complete to get all their reviews done in one compact step. Reporting was built out so that as the 360s progressed throughout the year, reports could be updated easily for each task allowing HR to quickly report on and share reports related to completions and overdue steps. 

AutomationDirect partnered with eSkillz on our Performance Management project. I’ve been extremely impressed with their exceptional service. They went above and beyond by creating custom designs and processes that perfectly aligned with our requirements for launching the new content and tools to our workforce. Their professionalism, diligence, timeliness, and responsiveness were truly commendable. It has been a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to more successful collaborations in the future!
— Mary Brehl, HR Team Lead


  • AutomationDirect team members have been able to develop a comfort level with candor and feedback by creating an explicit team culture centered on feedback facilitated by Cornerstone badging.
  • Team members and managers now have multiple avenues to pull in ideas and thoughts from various team members. And that feedback is more transparent to the manager who may need access at critical points for development as well as performance feedback.
  • Giving and receiving feedback helps to build trust among team members. And, just as importantly, giving feedback for another’s assistance and help also creates a positive feeling.  This in turn contributes to an environment where people want to stay and in turn, AutomationDirect experiences less churn. That builds an experienced workforce that can serve customers and clients.

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