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This is Technical Services.


Rely on our technical experts for all of your inbound / outbound (IDF / ODF) data feed needs.

Pie Chart

Get help with custom needs such as dashboards, unique reporting, & certification goals.

Cloud Computing

Visualize your project requirements with a custom solution diagram that brings your vision to life.

Technical Services

Innovative Technical Solutions to Enhance System Processes and Performance

As organizations become more sophisticated in their human capital management, talent management and learning management processes and workflows, so do their system needs. eSkillz has seen a major shift with organizations embarking on initiatives that move beyond the inherent functionality of their HCM/LMS platforms and thus requiring advanced technical capabilities that will help accomplish their complex goals and objectives.
The eSkillz Technical Services division was born out of this critical need for experienced developers, data specialists, and technical consultants who can assist customers with all manner of technical solutions. These can include integrations, APIs, unique coding/scripting, custom dashboards, data roundtripping, and much more. No technical need is too basic or advanced for our team; our portfolio spans everything from setup and management of standard processes such as Single Sign-On (SSO) activation to conceptualization and creation of ultra-complex custom solutions.

Need help visualizing and building a custom technical solution? Our innovative technical experts are here to help.

Data Workflows
Drowning in configuration tasks? New system and don’t know where to start? We can help!

Need custom design work, SCORM course builds, or virtual event management? We’ve got you covered.

The support you need, when you need it.