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eSkillz is the leader in customized support solutions across Human Capital Management (HCM) and Learning Management System (LMS) platforms, and our experience across these platforms has given us the best practices and configuration know-how to implement, execute, configure and support with meaningful expertise.

Besides our core strategic partners, our team is constantly being exposed to and asked to work and develop across all leading and up & coming HCM and Learning Management Systems around the industry.


    1. eSkillz has implemented custom End-User Live Support solutions for Saba LMS customers: Jazz Pharmaceuticals & Welch Allyn.
    2. eSkillz has worked to activate Moodle (via Moonami) for Technology Werks.
    3. eSkillz has worked to provide support and LMS testing services for Weight Watchers International after they moved to Absorb LMS.

All three above customer rollouts are examples of systems that were brand new to eSkillz. No problem! Our seasoned crew was able to dive right into the intricate administrative back-ends of each of these platforms and execute a successful custom solution for each customer.

Our team of expert Senior Consultants have combined experience and knowledge of the full spectrum of HCM/LMS platforms. We can provide guidance and hands-on assistance at any point—whether you are in the process of choosing, implementing, moving off one to another or re-configuring/overhauling your existing system.

Other Platforms

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Featured General HCM/LMS Project

Online SCORM Course Development


Not only does our team of HCM/LMS Consultants possess unparalleled expertise across multiple systems, they also cultivate specific skillsets in targeted arenas including HTML/web design, custom scripting & coding, database management, custom reporting, as well as SCORM online course instructional design and course builds!

eSkillz has numerous clients who have had training in the forms of Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint and videos loaded as learning objects within their system. The problem with that is that these packages are not trackable to ensure a user is taking the entire training; there were no options for knowledge checks and assessments, and of course they are not engaging. eSkillz to the rescue…

Before SCORM Development


After SCORM Development

eSkillz has seasoned Instructional Designers on staff that are able to transition training content into engaging, intuitive online course packages.

The Results?

        • Trackable Training – Before, the training word documents were simply resource links on the LMS. After, these training materials are now trackable SCORM online courses. This allows for the users to have a true LMS completion marked for their user account training history. ​
        • Assessment/ Knowledge Check Addition – eSkillz was able to add intermittent knowledge checks throughout the course. This allows for the course to interact with the user and take a check on their knowledge understanding of the subject matter. In addition, the customer asked for a final assessment at the end of the course which would require a passing grade of 80% or higher in order to log successful completion. ​
          • Available Reporting – Now that the training is being tracked as web-based training, this allows for the organization and its administrators to run comprehensive reporting. Administrators can track compliance and run reporting on the specific score averages to gauge whether the training is successful and/or if enhancements need to be made to the course package.

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