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eSkillz has been helping Cornerstone OnDemand clients implement and optimize their Talent Management Suite effectively for 8 years. eSkillz has expanded our support of the entire Cornerstone Unified Talent Management Suite, amassing certified Senior Consultant expertise across Learning, Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance, Compensation and Succession suite solutions. Our success is evidenced by our ability to reference any and all of our many Cornerstone customers, and from their direct feedback on our services:

“I needed to express just how awesome our eSkillz team leads are in support of all of our needs with our system. They truly are great professionals with excellent character and just wonderful members of our team. As the CLO for the enterprise, it is a good feeling to not have to worry because of this AWESOME TEAM!”

“I’ve been with my company since 2003, and every time we work with an implementation partner, they never live up to the hype. Usually, I have to step in and do their job as well as my own. This could not have been further from the truth this time around! You did an excellent job keeping us on track, and you even taught me a thing or two about Project Management. The eSkillz team has stepped up to every challenge we faced, and we have nothing but amazing things to say about eSkillz because of you all! Thank you!!!”

​— eSkillz Cornerstone Customers

We tackle everything: Cornerstone baseline implementations, complex system migrations, large scale RFP initiatives with complex technical requirements and dedicated FTE inclusions, and more. Whether it’s just-in-time Client Administrator training assistance, refreshed system UI/UX redesign, health checks, release management services, ongoing administration and optimization assistance, or any other Cornerstone need…eSkillz has got you covered!

A key partner alliance has been the activation of our Live Support Services solution for Cornerstone’s Foundation endeavors—DisasterReady.org and TeachingReady.org—which provide users around the globe with FREE access to online training around disaster readiness and preparation as well as education training. eSkillz is proud to be donating our real-time end-user support to these extremely worthy Cornerstone causes to equip humanitarians and educators around the world.

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eSkillz + Cornerstone Overview (2 Mins)

Watch this quick video highlighting our differentiators and unique support solutions for the Cornerstone platform!

Cornerstone Learning Featured Project

Live Support Deployment
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With any LMS deployment, organizations will need to think through how they are going to support the LMS end-user population. Users will always have questions around navigation, utilization and specifically with LMS training…course launch assistance needs.

A user’s computer will need to have settings correctly set up so that the computer will be compatible with the course launch requirements. For example, having an updated internet browser version, or having pop-up blockers disabled.

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eSkillz has the capability to integrate our Live Support directly into Cornerstone Learning (and all other Cornerstone product solutions). This integration allows for a support link/button to be accessed by users directly from the LMS login page as well as directly from the homepage (or any page within the LMS). By clicking the support link, users are connected in real time to chat support specialists who are not only trained on Cornerstone functionality but also on the specific configuration of the Cornerstone customer that they are monitoring.

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The Results?

        • Improved user experience – getting help exactly when you need it dramatically increases the end-user’s successful experience with the Cornerstone system which also increases user adoption
        • Reduced administrator distractions/workload – instead of having to help users with password resets or laborious day to day issues and questions, administrators can now concentrate on actually developing and optimizing their Cornerstone product solution.
          • Reduced complex systems on an internal help desk – in the case where an organization already has an internal help desk, most times those help desk personnel are mapped to support of company hardware, company software rollouts and other internal systems. Help Desks are almost never aligned to HR/L&D/Training departments. Having eSkillz as the help for LMS support ensures support is being handled by specialists are in direct alignment with LMS expertise and company LMS workflows.
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The support you need, when you need it.