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eSkillz + Drillster:

Going Beyond the Checkbox


Many organizations face very real risks as a result of employees forgetting or disregarding what they learned in training. Employees can forget up to 80% of what they learned in training within a week. When information is critical in preventing injury, damage, or financial loss – remembering key information is paramount. eSkillz adds value to our clients by reducing this forgetting curve through adaptive content design and the Drillster app.

Having collaborated with numerous organizations, most have expressed that when it comes to compliance and safety training, their primary objective is to equip their employees with up-to-date knowledge and ensure they have the necessary know-how for crucial moments. This is typically managed by providing annual or semi-annual in-person or online training, sometimes with a certification exam. But eSkillz has noticed that there are disconnects that arise with these traditional methods.

Checking the Box

Using traditional training methods (like long online course modules, instructor-led training, or reading policy documents) often comes with unrealized costs. While they might help the organization “check the box” to satisfy regulatory or internal compliance requirements, they rarely do enough to drive actual behavior change or keep employees prepared for those critical moments where the knowledge is needed.

The Costs of Traditional Training

These one-size-fits-all approaches cause a drain on productivity, and they deliver too much information to the employee at once leading to lack of knowledge retention.

Traditional training methods often require pulling employees from their regular duties to focus on studying or testing in online or classroom settings. This not only puts a strain on productivity due to allocating time away from regular work to focus on training, but the time constraints also to complete the training successfully adds stress causing the employee to be less focused on their work.

While traditional training methods often utilize knowledge checks or certification exams, this only measures if the employee can access this knowledge in their short-term memory – not if they remain proficient during the months between key checkpoints. This also does little to address knowledge gaps at the individual employee level. Due to the “Forgetting Curve” (first hypothesized by Hermann Ebbinghaus in the 1800s), people tend to forget 80% of what they learn within a couple weeks when retention is not reinforced. This ends with the organization and employee not realizing the value of the training effort and can lead to accidents, financial loss, and liability if the employee is not proficient when the knowledge is critical.

A Better Solution

With eSkillz + Drillster, organizations can successfully manage risks and sidestepping compliance incidents adopt a distinct approach to ensure employees firmly grasp, retain, and promptly apply essential compliance knowledge during critical moments.

How does this work?

AI-powered Adaptive Learning

AI has revolutionized training delivery by introducing a concept called “Adaptive Learning”. This new approach utilizes AI algorithms to tailor the learning content and frequency according to an individual’s progress and past performance.

Bite-sized Learning

Delivering content in focused, bite-sized chunks, emphasizes critical information and improves learner engagement. Additionally, as Ebbinhaus discovered, the delivery of short segments over several days greatly decreases the effects of the forgetting curve and amplifies information retention.

Repetitive Anchoring with AI

Extending the AI-driven algorithm to anchor key information with repetition so topics that people find more difficult are repeated more often than the ones they know well.

Assessment-based Active Learning

Leveraging active learning through assessments promotes better processing of new information, more effective application, and ensures greater long-term retention.

Instant Feedback

To address specific knowledge gaps, providing instant corrective information when the brain is most receptive to retraining.

Drillster Features

This proactive approach ensures continuous improvement and sustained competency for all employees. With our expertise in adaptive learning design and platform implementation and support, our clients can move beyond the “check box” and into safe working environments where all employees can be fully proficient.

eSkillz + Drillster

Drillster ensures that all your employees have the right knowledge, awareness, and skills to correctly perform their tasks – and eSkillz offers the expertise, content assistance, and platform support to help our customers mitigate risks, minimize incidents, and ensure a safe work environment for all employees.

The support you need, when you need it.