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Boost performance with adaptive learning and digital adoption technologies

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Empower users to “learn in the flow of work” with just-in-time learning experiences


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Performance Support Services

Helping learners at the point of need

eSkillz Performance Support Services go beyond conventional training and development approaches. We have collaborated with industry leaders to offer you a seamless integration of learning and support within your organization’s daily work experience. Our innovative technologies and methodologies provide personalized and just-in-time solutions. By granting your employees immediate access to relevant learning resources, tools, and support when they need it the most, we enable them to learn in the flow of their work. This approach drives performance improvement and encourages continuous learning.

Instead of relying solely on traditional training methods that extract employees from their daily work routine, our learning in the flow of work approach focuses on creating learning experiences aligned and available within the context of their tasks and activities. At eSkillz, we understand that people learn best when they can directly apply knowledge and skills in their work environment, enhancing and supporting your employee’s workplace performance.

With our Performance Support Services and partnerships, eSkillz helps organizations cultivate a genuine culture of learning.

Workflow learning strategy
Adaptive learning technologies
Digital adoption platforms
Custom course development
Instructional Design assistance

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