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This is Live Support.


Get 24/7/365 live support for your end-users & reroute help desk calls & tickets.


Increase user completion rates with just-in-time assistance from specialists.


Enhance user experience through target support utilization & trend reporting.

Live Support Services

24/7 Live Support for your End-Users
End-User Live Support is real-time, virtual assistance for users of your HCM/Talent Management/Learning Management System. eSkillz provides integrated client-specific virtual support classrooms, staffed by live, trained support specialists 24×7. eSkillz expert Support Specialists assist end-users with all aspects of your system, including: login, registration and password resets, landing page guidance, computer compatibility system checks and overall user workflow navigation.

At a glance:

  • Virtual on-demand support for your end-users 
  • Live assistance available 24x7x365 
  • Client-specific chat room & knowledge base 
  • Assistance with password resets, general navigation, course launch help & more 
  • Accessible directly from your HCM and/or LMS platform 
  • Dedicated Team Lead to manage support team training & coordinate with client admin on continuing user initiatives  
  • Monthly reporting on volume, top issues, & trends
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Did you know?…

We support over 2 million end-users.

At eSkillz, we have the capacity to service an organization with a targeted user community of 100 employees or an organization with an external-facing site exposed to hundreds of thousands of users. Our Live Support staff division and proprietary chat engine have been built and customized to allow for complete scalability. Our users span federal and corporate organizations and we are proud to be the Live Support provider for DisasterReady.org which gives people around the globe free training on disaster recovery and readiness preparation training.

We have the capability to run a computer compatibility system check.

One of the top challenges affecting a successful end-user LMS experience is compatibility issues that arise when users are trying to launch online courses (web-based training). There are many variables that can interfere such as having pop-up blockers enabled or not having the latest updates. An eSkillz Support Specialist can help users through a custom system check link that ‘reads’ the end-user’s computer settings, allowing us to pinpoint the issue in minutes and get instructions over to the user to result in a successful course launch.

Each Live Support deployment is completely custom.
At eSkillz, our key support differentiator is that we don’t simply apply an FAQ list to support your users. We go much further. For each client deployment, we build a custom knowledge base around your specific configuration and your specific end-user objectives and goals. We put our Support Specialists through custom training for each and every deployment so that they are completely familiar with the exact workflow that your end-users experience. This provides immediate impact to your end-users, allowing them to get the precise help they need, when they need it.
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Drowning in configuration tasks? New system and don’t know where to start? We can help!
Need custom design work, SCORM course builds, or virtual event management? We’ve got you covered.

The support you need, when you need it.