Bogged Down by Tech Support Issues During Your Virtual Events?


Are you bogged down by technical support issues while you are trying to deliver your content? Do you wish you could just focus on your presentation?

Let eSkillz take care of the “technical stuff” so you can concentrate on what you do best: presenting your content!

Event organizers often assume that virtual events are easy to set up and execute. There is a common misconception that running virtual events is as easy as starting a meeting and inviting participants to join. Unfortunately, most of the time, this is not the case, and such organizers quickly realize that there is a lot more to it than they originally thought.

      • Here are a few examples of some of the preparatory steps and components of virtual event delivery that are not always considered:
      • How will attendees be joining the session? (desktop app, web app, mobile app)
      • How will attendees connect to audio? (VoIP/computer audio, phone, mobile device)
      • Will attendees be in listen-only mode, or will they be participating through open mic?
      • Do the attendees all have proper headsets, or a mic and speakers at the very least?
      • Have the attendees all downloaded the platform app ahead of time

These factors will all contribute to either the success or the challenges you experience during your webinar or other virtual event.

In addition to technical requirements, virtual conferencing platforms come with a whole host of useful tools that are often overlooked and underutilized. Such examples are:

      • Engagement tools (polls, breakout activities, whiteboards)
      • Participation tools (materials/handouts, emoticons, private chat, group chat, Q&A)
      • Feedback tools (surveys, feedback forms, post-event emails)
      • Registration (key data points, e.g.: attendee name, organization, location, contact info)
      • Branding (company colors and logos, speaker notes, speaker headshot photos)

The implications of poor training can further impact employee long-term job satisfaction, performance, job retention, and knowledge loss. Don’t let the “technical stuff” overwhelm you—eSkillz can help!

Our eSkillz Media & Production team has decades of experience in the virtual conferencing space, and we know how to set off online events without a hitch!

We work diligently with all of our clients well ahead of time to ensure that their virtual event and training endeavors are delivered successfully in an efficient and productive manner. One of our main goals is to ensure that your attendees feel like they are walking away with a valuable and impactful training experience.

Want to see us in action? Join us for our next Best Practices webinar: The Forgetting Curve. As always, the eSkillz Media & Production team will be on hand to produce and moderate the event, so you can see for yourself what we bring to the table.

Content Development: The Forgetting Curve
Wednesday, August 25, 1-2PM ET
Want to learn more on how not to forget? Come join us for a free workshop on writing effective learning objectives which will help to make your training useful, meaningful, and actionable for your employees and workforce.


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