Another Mandated e-Learning Module?!


​Do your employees groan when they have to complete yet another mandated e-learning module?

Many organizations have a perception that training is simply a matter of reviewing content and then completing an assessment to fulfill an organizational requirement. Unfortunately, many training initiatives fail because of:

      • Disengaged employees who feel no need to learn
      • Irrelevant training content
      • Outdated training practices

The implications of poor training can further impact employee long-term job satisfaction, performance, job retention, and knowledge loss. A recent study from PwC identified that:


      • 52% of employees entering into the workforce are looking for career growth opportunities with their current employer.
      • 35% of employees are looking for training and development opportunities to advance their career.

Many organizations are looking for the right training and development solution to train, grow, and develop their workforce in a post-pandemic world, but where do you start?

eSkillz Specialized Services is here to meet all of your Instructional Design and Content Development needs.

With eSkillz Instructional Design and Content Development support, you will work with our team of skilled Instructional Designers and Content Developers to build the customized learning experience to meet your business needs and keep your employees engaged.

Content Development: The Forgetting Curve
Wednesday, August 25, 1-2PM ET
Want to learn more on how not to forget? Come join us for a free workshop on writing effective learning objectives which will help to make your training useful, meaningful, and actionable for your employees and workforce.


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