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Bringing eSkillz Expertise to Docebo


As organizations evolve, so do their training needs. eSkillz is keen on building strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Docebo who are committed to advancing the learning and training space, allowing organizations to enhance their learners’ experiences. eSkillz is proud Docebo partner and approved services provider!

Docebo boasts AI-powered learning technology that elevates the learner experience by producing deeper personalization, while automating menial, time-consuming tasks for learning platform administrators. eSkillz assists clients with full Docebo Learn implementations, and we offer custom solutions for maintenance and development needs, user interface design, training, and overall optimization, as well as dedicated System Administrator staffing. With eSkillz core competency expertise in the Learning Management System (LMS) arena, Docebo clients benefit from a seasoned team of proven LMS consultants that provide true best practice expertise.

eSkillz is a Proud Docebo Partner!

“eSkillz and Docebo recently partnered on a project and the customer just went live. After reviewing the customer’s feedback, they gave us a perfect 10 NPS score on various questions due to eSkillz’s care.”

​— Docebo Sales Team


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Docebo Client Buzz

“eSkillz has been an amazing partner through our migration to Docebo. Their services cover almost every area of need, greatly lightening the strain on our internal resources. I’ve been delighted to work with a group of friendly and knowledgeable people that are able to flex with our ever-changing business needs.”

​— Jessica Sanderson, Learning Technology Manager, SiriusXM

Myovant Sciences
“Thanks so much, eSkillz! It’s go-live day—a big day for all of us—and we definitely wouldn’t be here without you!”

— Natasha Travis, Myovant

“I can’t thank you enough for supporting us through the 11th hour of Phase 1. I appreciate all the eSkillz team has accomplished to make this happen for Myovant—it was recognized on our Company All Hands this week, and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

— Anna Copeland, Myovant

Docebo Featured Project

New Implementation: Migrating from Multiple Systems and Paper Processes to Docebo


Written by: Ed Lamaster, LMS Consultant, AVO Training


Over the years, AVO Training institute accumulated over 30,000 records kept in spreadsheets, many manual processes, and an LMS that was not meeting its needs. New management came on board with a vision for a single platform to integrate classroom, virtual classroom, and online training as well as self service and self payment. This vision was strengthened and refined when COVID restrictions required a change in business models—embracing online delivery as a primary mode of training.​

AVO hired a consultant to help analyze current processes and systems and match them against the most likely industry solutions, resulting in a contract award to Docebo. AVO’s classroom, online, and blended training delivery mechanisms combined with unique certification requirements presented a number of difficult technological hurdles. AVO also wanted to stand up a fully functional pilot solution in a 3-month timeframe from the signing of contracts, and over the year-end holiday period. eSkillz was selected as a mutual AVO and Docebo partner to provide guidance and implementation expertise to meet these unique and demanding needs.



With eSkillz guidance, AVO was able to fast-track Docebo onboarding and optimize time to market for the AVO Food Service Tech University that serves McDonald’s technicians. This pilot required the migration and integration of thousands of records from manual and automated sources, online content refactoring, ILT course creation, and many hours of whiteboard discussions. eSkillz worked closely with AVO staff to ensure a successful and on-time pilot launch with a minimum of disruption to the business.

The eSkillz Difference

What made eSkillz a solid partner was a strong knowledge of Docebo’s LMS with an emphasis on starting from the right foundation and a can-do attitude. AVO was paired with a knowledgeable eSkillz consultant (Dave Libengood) who was there from the initial discovery call throughout the entire process. eSkillz handled the most difficult tasks for AVO, offloading those tasks which would have been impossible to accomplish with internal staff alone. Dave also made sure that we understood why we were doing certain tasks, and what we needed to press for with Docebo to get the best result. Most importantly, Dave took the time to understand AVO’s business and make sure that AVO staff were empowered with the tools necessary for success beyond the pilot.
AVO Docebo After Project

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