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Case Study: Federal Government Client – Certification Dashboard 2.0

University of Utah Case Study - eSkillz

eSkillz partnered with a Federal Government client to enhance a custom dashboard that eSkillz had previously developed to track certification progress over a two-year period. New requirements necessitated significant updates to support a new certification cycle and introduce an administrative view, while maintaining the dashboard’s effective functionality. These enhancements required adherence to strict technical constraints and avoidance of Cornerstone’s API usage limits. Through careful planning, innovative coding, and close collaboration with the client, eSkillz successfully delivered a solution that met all the new demands.


Expand dashboard to support additional certification periods and introduce an admin view, without passing/hosting data outside of Cornerstone and without exceeding Cornerstone’s API threshold limits.


Create new “Continuous Learning Individual Progress (CLIP)” 2.0 version of dashboard, implementing batch functionality for API calls, adding ability to view current and previous certification periods, and developing an add-on tool for admins for better management, visibility, and testing.

User Profile

Dynamic functionality/components for both administrators and end-users.


Managed certification data across multiple time periods, handling complex business rules for course completions and certifications.

Client Challenge

The client was already utilizing a dashboard built by eSkillz within Cornerstone to monitor certification requirements across a two-year period. As the certification cycle was concluding in 2023, the client needed to extend the dashboard’s capabilities to cover a new certification period starting May 1, 2024, while retaining access to the previous period’s data. Additionally, a new administrative view was required to facilitate better certification management, reporting, and testing. The main challenge was to implement these enhancements without exceeding Cornerstone’s strict API usage limits—a critical constraint, since no external hosting of data was permitted.

eSkillz Solution

eSkillz worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive solution that included both the new certification period and the administrative view. Key features of the new “Continuous Learning Individual Progress (CLIP)” dashboard solution were:

  1. Batch API Calls: To manage the data efficiently without breaching Cornerstone’s API limits, eSkillz utilized batch functionality for API calls, ensuring that the dashboard could handle the increased complexity and volume of data from multiple certification periods.
  2. Additional Certification Period: The dashboard was updated with a “Select Period” dropdown menu to allow admins and end-users to manage and view data from the new certification period starting May 1, 2024, while still providing access to data from the previous period.
  3. Administrative View: A new “Admin Tool” interface was introduced, giving admins the ability to input a user ID to search for and view a user’s certifications dashboard, enabling better oversight. This tool also included a dropdown menu for administrators to easily switch between different time periods and therefore manage certification data more effectively.

The project involved intricate coding and careful testing, ensuring all business rules regarding course completions and certifications were accurately reflected in the dashboard. eSkillz developers demonstrated their mastery in managing the client relationship and the technical aspects of the project. They thoughtfully navigated each edge case and scenario with the client team and provided expert guidance to ensure that the dashboard enhancements were aligned with both technical and business needs. The eSkillz team’s swift responsiveness to questions, change requests, and bugs, coupled with our detailed understanding of the client’s requirements, significantly contributed to the project’s success.


The enhanced CLIP dashboard went live on schedule, supporting the client’s recertification cycle beginning May 1, 2024. The new features were well-received, providing the client with the flexibility to manage multiple certification periods and offering administrators a robust tool for supervision. Our patient and detailed approach to each aspect of the project, from discussing technical and business details to quickly addressing issues, was crucial in meeting the client’s needs effectively. The project reinforced eSkillz’s reputation for delivering high-quality, client-focused solutions, strengthened our ongoing relationship with the client, and set the stage for continued technical support and development of the CLIP dashboard and other client projects.

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